Don't feel bad after eating chocolate, but don't go overboard with it either.

Living with chocolate in your cabinet

By: Lara Harrington, ISSA, ACSM

If you're a chocolate person you must learn to live with chocolate in your cabinet. Chocolate is too wonderful of a thing to ever feel like it's so bad. It's ok to be a chocolate lover and it's ok to enjoy chocolate, but there's something about the way we talk to ourselves that lends to justifying our bad habits.

"I love chocolate and NEED to have it every night!"

You don't NEED to have it every night, you enjoy having it every night. Once you release the'dependency', you can focus on the thorough enjoyment of eating that chocolate and you can live harmoniously with it in your cabinet instead of always in your face;)

This doesn't mean you stock up on chocolate just to say you always have it in your cabinet, it means you should be able to splurge on some really good dark chocolate and enjoy it in small amounts. Daily is fine as long as you're not fooling yourself into believing you NEED it. Instead, enjoy it guilt free, with your eyes wide open (or closed to take in all the deliciousness;), and give chocolate the respect it deserves. Afterall, it's one of the finest gifts of this world...

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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