SAINt JHN is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter that has been known to make appearances at some of Rihanna's fashion shows.

His real name is Carlos St. John. His true claim to fame is writing for artists like Kiesza, Usher and a slew of other pretty established artists. Oh, and by the way, Carlos was born in Brooklyn so he automatically gets street cred.

That's not to say that Mr. JHN himself is not established. He did release an album back in 2019 called Collection One that did get lots of respect from the urban music crowd.

Now I'm pretty sure this wasn't done on purpose but Carlos has a song that originally was more of a "trap"-style song. Then a producer by the name of Imanbek got a hold of the song and transformed it to where it's almost unrecognizable as a trap song and more of an EDM song. I have listened to both and I think both are pretty freaking good. This remix version, however, has me trying to figure out what he is saying.

Seriously, if you missed me playing it on Fun 107, take a listen and tell me if you can understand a single word:

So could you tell me what he was saying without googling the lyrics? I didn't think so. Pretty different song though, right?

Does Carlos, aka, SAINt JHN, have a hit on his hands? Is it wicked good or totally whack?

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