Welcome into this week's Michael & Maddie "Friday Song," a compilation of audio like you've never heard before.


Every Friday morning at 7:05 a.m., Michael & Maddie celebrates the arrival of the end of the week with a special "Friday Song." I have taken the instrumental parts of Todd Rundgren's "Bang The Drum All Day"...

...and added my own twist of movie and TV clips for a crazy mix of epic fun.

Be sure to check out the audio compilation that includes a fun clip and look back at this week's Michael & Maddie. Why do we do this, you might ask? Great question.

The other day, Michael Rock opened up his vehicle door to an odor that nearly knocked his socks off. He couldn't understand where it was coming from or why it was even happening in the first place, but then got a good sniff of his hand sanitizer and realized it smelt like a rotting carcass.

It turns out that the company that was producing these anti-bacterial hand sanitizers were pumping them out so quickly, that it failed to maintain the perfume balance in its product. Michael Rock has the full details below:

The song is designed to get you up and moving on a Friday morning in preparation for the weekend, and if this doesn't do it for you, then I'm not doing my job well enough. So, sit back, turn up your speakers a little louder, and enjoy!

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