The annual Fun 107 Bridal Show is coming up very soon and we've got some tips to make sure your makeup looks amazing for your special day!

Cosmopolitan has put together a list of 20 tips for a great wedding day, here's our favorite 7! 

And some people would rather relax and have someone do their makeup for them and if thats the case, do not fret! We've got some great companies on hand! check out these guys if you're looking to have everything done perfectly!

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    Touch Ups are a MUST

    Now, you may not need them but you're better off being safe rather than sorry. At the very least you should bring your lip color! Q-Tips and a translucent setting powder are also a really good idea.

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    Waterproof makeup is never a bad idea

    A lot of people cry on their wedding day and if you know you're a crier than you may want to look into a few things. Benefit carries a great waterproof eyeshadow seal that you can put anywhere on your lids. Too Faced also has a great waterproof mascara that goes on with ease.

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    Did you know there's a right and a wrong way to curl your lashes?

    Most people curl their lashes the wrong way without even knowing it. If you clamp down your eyelash curler as for back as it will go, you're doing it wrong!

    the best way to curl your lashes is to lightly squeeze at the root, in the middle, and at the tip. With this method you can avoid any crimping!

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    Cake liner is a better option than pencil liner

    now, the best option is liquid eyeliner but if you don't feel confident enough with applying that, try a cream liner. by adding a little water to the brush you use, your winged eyeliner will be on point!

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    Blotting sheets are a girls best friend

    Blotting sheets are a great alternative to carrying around powder and an application brush. They are made to absorb any sweat/oil on your face. You should also look into using lots of oil free products especially if you're getting married in the summer or a tropical destination.

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    Always ALWAYS prime your face

    Using face primers is a really great idea because it gives you a smooth look that you can't get otherwise. It will also help you keep that foundation looking great!

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    For a photofinish, apply a little more

    Now, we are NOT saying cake it on and make yourself look dead. Add maybe a little more highlight or blush to make those pictures pop!