If it seems like the guests in this wedding photo are dressed casually, they have a great excuse.

Newlyweds Tara and Mark surprised everyone they knew by inviting them to something they weren't expecting... their wedding.

The couple sent out invitations to their friends and family to go to The Cove in Fall River on Saturday during the snow storm. The guests thought they were attending Mark's 50th birthday, but the bride to be let everyone know the real reason for the party in the video below.

Tara Thomas, who is a music teacher at Dartmouth Middle School, sang a song that tipped off her friends and family.

"I think I got about 10 minutes of sleep on Friday night." Tara told the Rock and Fox Show. She was worried about everything...including the impending snowstorm.

She also told the morning show that when guests arrived, they still thought it was a birthday party for 2 hours until she grabbed her guitar and started singing "I Choose You" by Sarah Bareilles where then she changed up the lyrics at the end and the big secret was revealed to the guests that they were actually attending a wedding.

"People were very stunned and excited and just couldn't believe it and their plans to go home were ruined but they were happy and fine" Tara says about the guests reactions to her telling them the wedding was happening right then and there.

Tara and Mark then changed into their wedding attire and the ceremony began.

Bridal Party

When asked who was the closest person to her that didn't know what was going on Tara stated that her mother had no idea. She then said how she didn't tell anyone except her children who kept the secret and two friends that helped them set this up.

She said she would recommend a "secret wedding" to anyone who wanted to have a fun little twist on their big day.

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Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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