Did you know there are two Pro-Sport playing Tom Brady's in the world? Yeah... Mind-blown.

There's the Football Quarterback for the New England Patriots, then there's the Rugby Wingman for the Sale Sharks. Both are competitive sports players known to the world, but check out how each Brady pairs up with each other:

                 Tom Brady (United States)                                 Tom Brady (England)

AGE:                   38                                                                             24

Weight:              225 lbs.                                                                   205 lbs.

Height:                 6'4                                                                           6'0

Position:          Quarterback                                                               Wing

League:       National Football League                                        Aviva Premiership

Team:           New England Patriots                                                  Sale Sharks

Jersey #:                12                                                                            14 

Years Pro:              16                                                                             6

Games Played:      222                                                                         108                                          

Championships:      4                                                                             0

Facebook Followers:   3.4 Million                                                          0

Twitter Followers:    0                                                                         68,000

Those are just the facts on paper.... the truth of the matter is putting into perspective the physicality of each sport and then applying it to the statistics. I am both a Rugby and an American Football fan.

Both Tom's have modeled.

Both Tom's have a wife/girlfriend.

Both Tom's enjoy taking selfies.

I support the New England Patriots and several National and International teams and believe me when I say that Both Tom Brady's are phenomenal athletes.

The choice is simply up to you... Who you choose to vote for reflects your taste in sports.

In Tom Brady we trust... whether it's jersey #12 or jersey #14!

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