Gazelle VS Gronk
I've recently realized that Gronk is my "Spirit Animial" and we have a lot in common.
New Bedford Police: Crime Down in 2016
NEW BEDFORD—The New Bedford Police Department (NBPD) has released its crime statistics for 2016.  The number of all crimes in the City of New Bedford fell 10% from 4,488 in 2015 to 4,040 in 2016. Changes in the numbers of crimes in various categories are summarized below and are detailed further in an accompanying table ...
Brady Vs. Brady
Did you know there are two Pro-Sport playing Tom Brady's in the world? Yeah... Mind-blown.
Working With Your Soulmate
Through recent talks of careers with the highest divorce rate, I stumbled upon yet another interesting and completely opposite statistic: The highest 'marital' rate within couples who share a common or similar occupation.
Baby Addicts
There are a lot of things to be proud of here in New England, but a new statistic released by the Boston Globe is certainly not one of them.