America could have its newest billionaire by the end of tonight, and it could very well be someone from the SouthCoast who claims the record $1.6 billion Mega Millions prize.

After all, according to the Massachusetts State Lottery, we have some lucky spots around the area for purchasing winning lottery tickets.

Now, none of them have paid out a billion dollars just yet, but Lyndon's Liquor and Convenience on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford leads the pack with a $4 million winner back in February. You might want to head over to the far side of the SouthCoast, to Speedy Mart in West Wareham ($2.6 million winner in May) or even go into Plymouth to Plymouth Liquors on Carver Road ($2.97 million in May).

Either way, here's a list of 20 different spots from Buzzards Bay to Fall River to Dighton that have had a million dollar winner or greater since December 28 of last year. It's an impressive list that probably has a handful of places you'll pass by on your ride home.

Courtesy Mass State Lottery
Courtesy Mass State Lottery

Now, they say lightning doesn't strike twice, so maybe a place that already had a big payout this year would be less likely to have the biggest payout of all time.

But maybe there's just something special about these particular places, and your luck could instantly change the moment you enter.

Either way, what's it going to hurt to pop into one of these spots and drop $2?


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