Want to save some money this summer?

Leave your air conditioner running when you're not home.

Eversource Spokeswoman Priscilla Rees told WBSM News that often times people first turn on their air conditioners when they head home forcing it to exert more energy to cool what has become a very hot home.

"If you haven't been running the air conditioner in a lower temperature all day what happens is that when you're cranking it up it takes longer for a system to cool the room, it actually costs more money," said Rees.

Programmable thermostats can also keep energy costs down, especially when you're not at home.

Rees also suggests closing your curtains and blinds when the sun is still up.

"You might want to just take a quick check before you leave and draw the blinds, pull the curtains, because you don't want that sun beating into the house all day," said Rees.

A home energy assesment is also something Rees recommends saying that, at no charge, it can help you address energy inefficiencies in your home.

"They will go from the attic to the basement and every room in between and they will look and see where could you be losing that cold air," said Rees "they will help you do spot sealing and get your house tightened up."

Other recommendations include keeping air conditioner filters and coils clean, making sure air vents aren't blocked, and operating your appliances at off hours when energy use isn't as high.