I'm picky when it comes to candle scents, especially if I'm using them to spruce up the house for when company comes over.

While some people would rather burn a nice floral fragrance, I'd much rather have something along the lines of a food-based smell. For example: sugar cookies, warm apple pie, etc. Anything to do with desserts, I'm all about. Selfishly, the hungrier the smell makes my guests, the better.

A New Bedford mom-and-pop candle shop instantly grabbed my attention. It's called Tierra Blue, a small business with a nose for candles. Owner Sharlem Nina channels her background to create nostalgic scents with her eco-friendly, handcrafted apricot-coconut wax candles.

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Nina's latest creation is not only a nod to the SouthCoast's Portuguese community, but will have your Vavo second-guessing if there's something in the oven.

De Nata was inspired by the pastel de nata, the sweet Portuguese custard treat popular in local bakeries. 

"This one’s a personal favorite," Nina said.

Once the flame hits the wick, your nose will be hit with a blended trio of sweet smells: vanilla custard, cinnamon and a little lemon zest.

Whether you simply "need this" for yourself or are looking to give to a loved one, you'll be supporting a small business while filling a room with a scent that's just as enticing each time you burn it.

And might make you hungry.

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