Just when you thought Harry Styles couldn't be loved any stronger, he goes and wins over the hearts of every Portuguese person in the world.

While performing in Lisbon, Portugal, last weekend, Styles had the crowd on his side. However, it had nothing to do with his smooth vocals or dreamy looks.

It was all about what he ate.

When Styles pronounced his love for pastel de nata (or just natas for short), a traditional Portuguese custard dessert that's an absolute staple in Portugal, the crowd went nuts.

Holding the natas out toward the crowd as if presenting Simba atop Pride Rock, he shouted:

"These things ... are unbelievable!"

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I completely agree with you, Mr. Styles, and if you're ever in the SouthCoast area, especially Fall River and New Bedford, I'll be sure to guide you toward some of the best bakeries the cities have to offer.

Growing up, Styles worked in a bakery where he sold bread, sweets and donuts. It makes complete sense why he would love these Portuguese treats so much.

Whoever introduced Styles to natas knew what they were doing.

Once you pop one, it's hard to stop.

Thankfully, the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament has returned, so I can splurge on those delectable little custard pies all weekend long.


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