This is exactly why I try my best to avoid the women's bathroom at work.

Here at the Fun 107-WBSM headquarters, we only have one men's and one women's bathroom. An estimated 20-25 people work in the building, with about 10-12 working at the same time. So, the chances of traffic to the restroom area is higher than anticipated. Let's just say using the bathroom of the opposite sex is more common than you'd expect.

Now, as I attempted to use the men's room, it was clearly in use. I waited for a little bit, but whoever was in there was clearly leveling up on some "Angry Birds" action, so I had to make a move down the hall to the ladies room. Awesome.

I take two steps into the land of the forbidden, and what I saw stopped me in my tracks... an almost-eaten cup of ice cream was sitting nonchalantly upon the ivory throne.


Did I just discover an act of shame-eating? In a bathroom? Who does this?!

Earlier that morning, Acushnet Creamery had dropped off some ice cream (like they normally do) for the employees to enjoy on a "TGIF," so that would explain the origin of the evidence.


I know what you're thinking...Maybe someone walked in and just forgot to throw it away on their way to the bathroom? Yeah, I get that, so then why was there one bite left behind? All senses are pointing to someone's guilt with this one.

What's completely mind-boggling is that there is a trash barrel sitting about three feet away from the toilet. Talk about a whole new level of laziness. Just throw it away! Perhaps it would have prevented this blog, and tremendous confusion.


Don't get me wrong, I like ice cream just as much as the next person, but A) I'm finishing it and not leaving a bite; B) I'm throwing away the trash when I'm finished; and C) I'm most definitely NOT eating it shamefully in a bathroom. How gross and unsanitary!

I mean, if this was you, perhaps dispose of the evidence next time, that way lingering questions can be avoided.