I have to be completely honest... When it comes to the Paranormal, I am still a bit skeptical. 

That is of course until a new app came out called "Ghost Hunting Tools" that has been freaking me out.

Through the technological advancement of EMF meters (Electro-Magnetic Fields), EVP detection (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and word interpretation, this app measures invisible electric waves or FM bands that claim to be spirits and interpret their messages to words.

While playing around with this new app that I downloaded (because I was simply too curious and had to check it out for myself), I noticed it was sending me a lot of negative messages and decided to explore further.

I joined some colleagues after work at a local cemetery and turned on the Ghost Hunter. We walked around aimlessly, searching for a strong signal. Once the signal was traced, we  decided to ask the "spirit" a few questions in which we received extremely accurate responses.

While walking by a random tombstone, the app spelt out the word "Mary" and as I looked to my left, there was a lady named Mary who was buried back in the 1800's. Coincidence? Not quite sure.

Lastly, before my cell phone battery ran out, I picked up a very strong signal from a nearby tree that was surrounded by graves. I stood on a protruding stump and started searching around, moving the phone from side to side, for a signal. That's when things went weird.

The words "Get Out", "Unwanted" and "Diablo" (Spanish for the Devil) appeared one after the other. Needless to say, I did what it asked and took off back to my vehicle. Not sure if the "spirits" were referring to me as the Devil or not, either way I wanted no part of it and called it a day. Also, my battery died so it was worthless to stick around.

Skeptical or not, I recommend the App (which of course can be downloaded on both Apple and Droid devices) if your'e into the Paranormal. Be warned though, if this is all true and the app is actually as accurate as it says, then I recommend listening to it and stay cautious of the warning signs.

Just like the 'Ghost-Busters' said... "I ain't afraid of no ghost" and I stand by that saying; for now at least.

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