We started talking about what apps were underrated this morning and asked the audience to share the apps that they love using that they think everyone should be using.

Kiah Rose says that NoonLight has helped her tremendously. It's an app that can help if you are feeling a bit unsafe, but aren't looking to necessarily call 9-1-1. Users keep their finger on a button on the phone. If the button is released without entering your PIN number, the police will be called to your location.

Kiah Rose says Noonlight

Michelle Neves Hantman says that she keeps all of her to-dos and shopping lists on the app Remember the MilkThe app keeps a running list of the things you need to do. You can share your lists and even distribute tasks to other people in your family.

Michelle Neves Hantman says Remember the Milk
Michelle Neves Hantman says Remember the Milk was her favorite app

Jessica from New Bedford messaged us using her Fun 107 app to tell us about InfluensterThis app is based on your social media presence. You are asked to review products in exchange for free samples. App users are sent boxes of free stuff to review and share with your social following. Jessica says she's received free Urban Decay, Dove products, snacks, and nail polish. The products are all free in exchange for the review.

Stephan Mitchell recommends Robokiller for getting rid of those pesky telemarketers and scam calls.

Stephan Mitchell says robokiller
Stephan Mitchell says RoboKiller was his favorite app

Damian Redman says date night has never been easier using the app Tip N Split. The app will calculate tip amount by percentage so you give your waiter the right amount of money for your bill.

Damian Redman says Tip N Split
Damian Redman says Tip N Split was his favorite app

Cheryl McLaughlin says that the app Acorn has been her favorite so far. The app will round up your bill for things you buy and then take the added amount and put it towards investments.

Cheryl McLaughlin says Acorn
Cheryl McLaughlin says Acorn is her favorite app

Jessica Lyn suggests the app Think Dirty. Now, while it might sound suspicious, it's perfectly innocent. The app allows you to scan cosmetic products that you are thinking of buying to see if there are any objectionable contents.

Jessica Lynn says Think Dirty
Jessica Lynn says Think Dirty was her favorite app

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