Dear Fellow Single People,

If you missed locking someone down during cuffing season, then you may have turned to dating apps and websites over the holidays. It's possible someone may have even gifted you a membership to It could be the best or worst gift you got this season, depending on how you use it.

Personally I haven't had any success on these websites. The dating pool is small and I think my generation has mastered hiding behind the keyboard. It's a scary dating world out there and websites help us filter out those we may not want to waste our time on.

I was recently sitting with a friend of mine who was showing me some of the conversations she has been having with some of the men on a certain dating website. I don't want to give my friend's exact age but let's just say she is over 45. You would think the conversation with men around her age would be a little more civil. That wasn't the case. She had several conversations they went right to the "fun" aspect of the dating website, while one other man actually showed her how self-centered he was by telling her she would be lucky to have a date with him.

It appears lots of people show who they really are within the first five minutes of engaging in a conversation.

My jaw dropped at the pick-up lines, or the lack thereof. It's as if manners are thrown out the window when conversing on the world wide web.

Yes, I'm on the dating apps, but I still think I'm probably not going to meet my future life partner on them. I'm old fashioned in thinking I'll probably met them at a chance encounter.

So I end this by asking anyone who is on these websites to please hold yourself to a higher standard of treating people. Or maybe just start going out and meeting people the old fashioned way, in person!



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