Warning: this post is for parents' eyes only. 

If you're looking to make your child's holiday extra special this year, we found some of the best websites or apps that let you add some extra magic to their Christmas.

Santa's Hotline: If you need a direct line to the Big Guy, you (or your child) can reach him directly here. You can even leave Santa a message and he'll call you back when he's not busy with the elves.

Message from Santa: With all Santa has to do to prepare before the 25th, reaching him via text is sometimes the best way to get in touch with him. Use this app to send messages right to his cell phone and he'll respond back.

Santa-Cam: Sometimes it takes a little extra magic to catch Santa on camera. You can get the extra sparkle dust you need here to make sure you have something to show your kids in the morning.

There are tons of other apps out there, but these seem to be the fan favorites. And to any little ones out there - make sure that you remember even if you don't get to see Santa or talk to him, he's so excited to bring you lots of Christmas joy and love!


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