The new Google 'Arts and Culture' app allows you to find your famous painting Doppelgänger, but first... let me take a selfie.

Here's how the app works:

  1. Grab your smartphone.
  2. Go to your app store
  3. Type in 'Google Arts & Culture' in the search bar.
  4. Download the FREE app
  5. Open app and allow the app to access your camera
  6. Take a facial selfie and submit
  7. Find your Doppelgänger and share your comparisons

I was intrigued by the trending hashtag and decided to have a little fun with the app. I followed the above directions and had a good laugh at the results that came back. You can do it on your own, but check out the photos of my 5 Doppelgängers I matched up with... even if they're only a 42% match.

Google 'Arts & Culture' App
Google 'Arts & Culture' App
Google 'Arts & Culture' App
Google 'Arts & Culture' App