All too often people take to the internet to shame others. Anyone who posts a photo on social media is immediately subjected to criticism simply because it's too easy to type out harsh words and hit send.

Some of the posts that get the most hate are makeup tutorials. Women are constantly told that they either "wear too much" makeup or "not enough." They are told that they are both "beautiful without any makeup" but that leaving the house barefaced means that they are "lazy" and "don't put any effort into appearances."

One beauty vlogger, NikkieTutorials, was sick and tired of the constant criticism. She knew she had to do something to prove that you are beautiful no matter how much makeup you decide to wear on any given day. The makeup artist posted the video The Power of Makeup! one month ago and has since received over 18.2 million views.

Not only did over 18 million people view the video, many Youtubers and Instagramers posted their own videos and photos with the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup.

In each of the photos, the subject has done half of her face in full makeup and the other half completely bare. The photos are meant to shut down shamers all the while proving that make up is fun and expressive.

The movement is there to remind people that the decision to wear makeup is a personal one and that no one should be shamed for the way that they decide to express themselves.

Contributor: Mariah Terry