In true Gazelle fashion, I drew up a new challenge as we continued Spring Restaurant Week at Freestones City Grille in New Bedford.

At this point, it's safe to say you can expect a challenge at every Restaurant Week location.

Today, while brainstorming, I thought it would be fitting to include the local community in our challenge of the day, so here's what we conjured up.

Locals on their commute were encouraged to stop by Freestones City Grille in New Bedford. So what was the incentive? Well, of course, we had to feed our listeners some of our favorite Freestones sandwiches, including their famous BBQ Chicken Melt and Parmesan Chicken sandwich.

Yes, you heard it right this morning, I was actually hand-feeding local commuters their sandwiches and cleaning them up afterward.

However, there was one rule: in order to get free food, they couldn't take their hands off the wheel.

Freestones is a local staple housed in a former bank; the decor has a Cheers feel but with a touch of New Bedford style. The decor, while great, doesn't hold a candle to Freestones' Syrian Nachos, one of their best menu items to share or indulge all by yourself.

Check out the video above to get your daily laugh.


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