As we get closer to the warmer weather and summertime, moms typically start thinking about what their "go-to" places will be with the kids.

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I saw a friend's post and picture about the local splashpad in Bourne at Buzzards Bay Park. By the look of this photo, my friend thought the town would be closing it. Seeing the giant bulldozer, I would have thought the same.

playground and splash pad
Ricky Keegan Facebook page

Just last spring, we wrote an article about the grand opening of this same splashpad, located at 90 Main Street in Buzzards Bay.

It was definitely a hot spot last summer. At the start of the season, it was packed with kids and their parents, who had fun cooling off in the heat.

Bourne IT via YouTube
Bourne IT via YouTube

Unfortunately, the splashpad was shut down on July 10 only halfway through the summer of 2018 after a two-year-old toddler was hurt while playing and had her little toe severed while going down one of the playground’s slides. Prior to that happening, there were concerns about the water usage by the town; we've got the Fun 107 article on that right here.

I called Bourne Town Hall and spoke with someone regarding the splashpad and whether or not it would be re-opening this summer. I told the woman I had seen a bulldozer over at the park this morning and she said that "they were doing some clean up over at the park and will know in a week or so if the splashpad would be re-opening this summer."

So stay tuned, I'll update this article once I get a firm answer.

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