It has barely been open a month, now the Buzzards Bay Park splashpad is in danger of being shut down.

Back at the end of May, the Bourne Recreation Department was proudly telling people of the splashpad opening in the newly renovated Buzzards Bay Park. And since then people seem to be loving the new local spot to stay cool.

But after a contentious meeting of the Buzzards Bay Water District Board of Commissioners last week, things could change drastically.

According to the Bourne Enterprise, the splashpad is using  about 49,000 gallons of water per day...a huge amount of water that is impacting the entire district.

Water officials say they were never consulted on how the new splashpad would affect area water usage, while town selectman say water officials never appeared at any meetings where the park was discussed.

And with the district already having water issues due to a pipe that had to be shut down last December, the splashpad water usage makes it difficult to keep tanks full for everyday, necessary use.

So it may all shake out with park users having their time at the splashpad cut drastically...or things being shut down altogether.

Currently the Buzzards Bay Park splashpad operates from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. everyday.

Water officials say if the splashpad continues to make it difficult to keep the tanks full, mandatory restrictions will have to be put in place resulting in non-essential water usage being stopped and the splashpad going dry.

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