Fun 107 has been playing the hits on the SouthCoast for a lot of years. Since first signing on in March of 1989, a lot of songs have been heard on our airwaves – some you loved, and some you did not, but all leaving a mark of some sort in station history.

We were lucky enough to bring Super Shows to the SouthCoast, too. Artists like Mark Wahlberg, Rob Base, Sean Kingston, Sugar Ray, Mya, Natasha Bedingfield and Shaggy all took the stage in New Bedford in their heyday. More recently, we had Selena Gomez in studio, Jesse McCartney at the Narrows and even Dua Lipa at the Vault.

And you never know who we'll get to play the SouthCoast next.

But what about the biggest hits we've ever played? There have been a lot of chart toppers over the last 32 years. Think you could guess the top tracks for every year we've been on the air? Think you know the most played song for the year you graduated high school? You may have to think again.

We did the math, the numbers have been crunched and the results are sometimes surprising. In fact, some really big names in music, like Ariana Grande, the Jonas Brothers and even Madonna never had a most-played song on our station. We told you the results were a little surprising.

From our start to the most recent crazy year we've had, these are the most-played songs for each year we've been on the air. Think back to the most memorable years of your life and see if these songs played a part. The memories may surprise you, too.

The Most-Played Songs for Every Year of Fun 107's History

Fun 107 has played a lot of hits over the years, but what are the biggest ones? We put together a list of the hottest hit for each year of Fun 107's 32-year history – and some of them may surprise you. And if you can't remember the song or you just want to hear it again, click on the title of the track or the photo to see the music video.

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