Not that I don't appreciate the love on my birthday, but it's weird to see who's sending me messages.

Now that we've been blessed with social media, we can stay connected to pretty much anyone we've ever encountered, ever. It's a lot, but whatever, it's the world we live in now. The weirdest thing about this to me though is getting contacted by people you hardly know, don't know, or haven't talked to in human form since you were seven.

It gets so amplified on your birthday. Mine was Friday and for sure I heard from a ton of people that I hardly even know. Now don't get me wrong, I love the love and I appreciate it so much! I just think it's so weird. When I'm on Facebook and I see birthdays pop up I only wish a happy one to my friends, or better yet, I text them personally. Maybe I'm the one that's weird for finding this so strange and kind of creepy. I'm pretty creeped out by social media in general, despite the fact that I might arguably be the biggest social media creep of them all.

What's the appropriate move with those birthday wishes? Do you wish every single person a happy one every day? Basically, wake up, check Facebook, send birthday messages and then eat breakfast? Am I alone here? it's a lot, right?


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