A Westport woman driving on State Road in Dartmouth March 12 was immediately creeped out by a yellow van and its driver.

We see some crazy and creepy things here on the SouthCoast and you would think nothing would surprise us anymore but that's not the case with Westport resident Andrea Cordeiro.

Cordeiro was driving down State Road in Dartmouth just after 4 p.m. While stopped at the intersection with Cross Road, she was surprised to see a "pencil yellow" van pull up alongside her. You don't see a van that color every day but it wasn't the color that creeped Coirdeiro out.

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The driver of the attention-getting van was apparently wearing a Jason Voorhees mask. That's right: as in the not-so-nice fellow from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Cordeiro said the mask was pulled up ever-so-slightly so you could see the driver's mouth and chin. She made eye contact with the mystery man, who smiled back but not in a friendly way.

"He had a muscle shirt on that was an off-white color, but no muscles and a tribal tattoo on his arm," Cordeiro said.

Cordeiro claimed was so creeped out that she sped away as soon as the light allowed.

We could come to expect something like this during the Halloween season but on a random beautiful sunny day in March? Weird.

Now it's got us all on the hunt to find out who this mystery guy is and why he is driving around creeping people out, even though he doesn't seem to have broken any laws based on Cordeiro's story.

Have you seen this van and the imaginative guy driving it?

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