If you ask me, it's always the storms that are less talked about that do the most damage. Every time I've prepared for a snowstorm, hurricane, or something as simple as heavy rain, there is never any action. This October Nor'easter, however, gave the SouthCoast zero mercy as it pummeled the area late Tuesday night and well into Wednesday.

All across New Bedford, Fall River, Westport, Dartmouth, and the rest of the SouthCoast, giant trees were uprooted and power lines are taking a beating. Fences crumbled and trash bins were scattered around the city. Vehicles were crushed and backyards were flooded by the waterfronts – and to think that this isn't even a hurricane. Imagine the damage we would have seen then?

Outside of the 99 Restaurant in Fairhaven, the outside seating tent was crushed from the strong winds along with the heavy picnic tables that were tossed about like a paper cup. Just trying to get to work was a task for most people who start their day early, as trees barricaded them in, allowing zero access to work. Our very own Michael Rock had to wait for two hours this morning before he could finally make his way into the radio station.

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Yes, these storms are not rare and do happen here on the SouthCoast. It's the nature of the beast when it comes to living here so this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody.

I've compiled more than 40 photos of the damage caused, photos that were taken by listeners, and some of the pictures are soul-crushing as brand new fences were toppled from tree limbs and trunks. Take a look for yourself:

October Nor'easter Damage 2021

Submitted photos of the damage endured here on the SouthCoast as a Nor'easter ripped through the region in the early morning hours of October 27.

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