Earlier this year we  stumbled upon a Facebook page, Draw It Diet, and became hooked on watching what someone else ate each day.

Sure, it sounds like a 'diet' page and everyone knows that people get bored of those by February 1st. But not this one- this page is dedicated to food doodles that are healthy, unhealthy or whatever. It's FUN.

Draw It Diet mastermind, New Bedford local Shelley Cardoos, said she wanted to make herself more accountable for what she was eating but apps and trainers was just another thing do on a phone. But a doodle challenge was a way to also get her to draw each day.

"It's a good combo of a drawing challenge and it does make me think about what I'm eating. And while I'm coloring I think about the lack of greens some days. I call it the art of mindful eating."  It's basically a new way to make sure you are "eating the rainbow" as the doctors say.

"As soon as I finish the drawing I post on instagram @drawitdiet. That adds to the accountability knowing others will see it. A few people I know have been inspired to try it out which is super cool. ...  I'm aiming to do the whole year."

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