Believe it or not, arcades were making a comeback. Something about playing Pac-man in a noisy room was bringing us out again.

I did find myself at Dave and Buster's a few times within the last year enjoying some adult beverages while playing Skee-ball. The place was packed! I know that other spots were starting to pick up as well. When I was younger I remember hitting up the Dartmouth Mall arcade often. That is where I'd get dropped off so my mom could go shopping.

Well, I brought up to Michael Rock that going to an adult arcade is one of the first things I want to do when it's safe to go out in public again. His immediate response was "no way." He couldn't imagine me wanting to go and play games and touch surfaces that everyone else touched.

I defended myself but saying I'll be sure to bring wipes and sanitize before I play each game. I then went on to mention that I had played in arcades all the time as a kid and didn't even think twice away wiping the controls. As I think most will, I'll travel with sanitizing supplies around with me for a little while. Don't judge me as I'll probably be carrying a man purse to carry all this stuff.

Granted, it's a different time and definitely a time we need to be more aware but does that mean we won't be going back to arcades? Even the adult ones?

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