Somerset's Alex Rogers is turning 15 years old tomorrow, July 2, and his family wants him to feel as famous as he thinks he is.

He's noticed other kids in the neighborhood having birthday parades and wanted one, too, prompting his mom Cassie to put out the word on Facebook.

"Hello Neighbors! I have the biggest favor to ask! My little baby is turning 15 on Thursday. Maybe you have seen Alex dancing in the aisle at Walmart, or riding his power wheels down the middle of the road. maybe you follow us on TikTok@thegaybradybunch?! Maybe you don't' know Alex so let me tell you about my baby.

Alex is the sweetest ball of love you'll ever meet. He's kind and thoughtful and smart. And- he has Down's Syndrome. But that hasn't stopped him one minute.

Now Alex seems to think since he's "famous" (in his own head lol) that he's going to get a ton of birthday wishes/messages. I think he's been watching too much YouTube.

I'm asking, begging for people to do a drive-by if they can on Thursday, any time after 2:30 pm. I'm making it a surprise in case this flops. But I would really appreciate it.

Alex knows how to be a great friend but hasn't always had appropriate peers. Although he's 15, he enjoys things like Blippli, Imaginext, blocks, Disney movies, etc. I often think how hard it must be to be in a classroom of kids who are not verbal/you can't connect with, and kids his age don't want to play with him/take the time to get learn about him. He's never had a party that friends attended.

My son is a rock star, and I couldn't be more proud of him. Kindly asking for your help for Alex's birthday drive-by.

Alex's mom Elizabeth told us more about Alex and why he wants to be famous.

"Alex is so sweet," she said. "He wants to become famous so he can help people. He wants to donate to kids and donate to doctors so they can help kids."

Alex's favorite charity is Boston Children's Hospital in Boston because it is where "the angels put on doctor costumes and fixed my heart."

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on Alex but he has handled it with flying colors. With help from everyone who is around Somerset after 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 2, let's help Alex feel famous with a super-mega-awesome drive-by birthday parade in front of 60 Sullivan Avenue.

And if you can't drive by, send him some birthday fan mail and help him celebrate his big day like a real rock star.

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