It's been a rollercoaster of a summer already and it hasn't even officially started yet. With news that Canobie Lake Park is gearing up to hopefully open mid-July, I began reminiscing about some high school field trips there – but also thinking about how different things are going to be this summer compared with the past.

Being in the band and chorus, we got some fun field trips and I remember Canobie Lake Park was one of them. The bus rides up were always such fun.

First, I can recall when I first realized I couldn't do rides that go in circles. It was my first trip to Canobie Lake Park, and it was the Round-Up, the ride that basically stuck you again the wall as it spun around. Let''s just say walking off that ride and throwing up lunch was traumatizing and I will never attempt getting on that bad boy again.

Rollercoasters are my favorite. Remember the Yankee Cannonball wooden rollercoaster? That was the first roller coaster I ever rode. It was all downhill from there, literally. I must say I do love the Starblaster ride they have there, too.

So as they prepare to re-open with new safety procedures and protocols, I wonder what has changed over the years and what we can expect to change as they re-open the park?

According to the Canobie Lake Park website, they will be following all the CDC guidelines and making the proper adjustments to ensure the attendees' safety while in the park.

Some things you can probably expect when attending the park are:

– Crowd sizes will be lower than usual based on capacity guidance from the governor of New Hampshire. This should create shorter wait times on virtually all of the attractions, restaurants, and game areas.
– Guests will need both an advance ticket and an advance reservation to enter the gates. The ability to purchase tickets and create reservations are expected to be launched around approximately July 1.
– Most rides will not be filled to capacity. Although each individual attraction is unique in its operation and will have an appropriate plan for its configuration, global changes are likely to include not all seats being filled or rows being skipped to allow for distancing.
– Masks will likely be required at the start of the season. However, this is something that will be looked at on a regular basis and the park will follow the recommendations of the governor’s reopening guidance. During the mask period, Safe Zones will be created where guests can remove their masks to relax and regroup with plenty of distance from other individuals.
– Signage will be posted throughout the facility including ground markers and to properly explain distancing and the new ways to access, participate, view or ride any of the attractions.
So who is visiting the park this summer?

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