There's no debating that we're in some pretty divisive political times right now. That's why it's so refreshing to be able to have a little fun without offending anyone.

Let me introduce the funny election slogans that took the internet by storm this weekend.

A funny internet trend finally made its way into my world this weekend. I took the 2020 Election slogan challenge, and it was hilarious.

Here's how it works: your 2020 campaign slogan is your name, plus 2020, plus the last text you sent.

Michelle Cote Cote 2020: a four day work week would be ideal

Elise Bloomfield Warecki Warecki 2020: I think we should probably reschedule

Christine A Williams Williams 2020: Worth a Try!

Amanda Costa Costa 2020: ‍♀️

Jeffrey Doxsee Doxsee 2020 I’m pretty good at what I do buddy

Damian Redman Redman 2020: It's...OK

Janine Sparkles Somers 2020: Well, I guess that’s settled then

Troy Demelo Demelo 2020 I believe everyone has a superpower!

Ashley Roberts Roberts 2020: Im around the corner.

Liam Ryde Moore Liam 2020: listen, you have to stop texting me before my wife finds out.

Shaun Mello Mello 2020 I’ll do it later

Kyle Boulanger Boulanger 2020: Definitely

Alexis Manchester Manchester 2020: Thank God

Christine Marie DaLuz 2020: I hope it's no extra trouble

Nicci Kulpa LeValley Kulpa 2020: idk about that.

Madelyn Grimaldi Grimaldi 2020: Thank. God

Christopher Gazelle Arsenault Gazelle 2020: My back hurts, I'm getting too old for this

Annabelle Hunton Hunton 2020. Thought you’d appreciate it.

Brieanna Wood Wood 2020: I’d send you a picture but that would be creepy

Which of these is your favorite?  My favorite is Somers 2020: Well, I guess that's settled then.

Please leave your 2020 campaign slogan in the Facebook comments.

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