Christine's husband Roger made some chicken parmigiana for the family this week. There was a ton of it left over, so she was kind enough to bring it in for us to eat after the show.

When I tell you that this chicken parm was delicious, I mean this meal was heaven on a plate – from the homemade tomato sauce to the consistency of the chicken. It was juicy, it was cooked perfectly, the breading was on point. It was perfection.

I immediately thought about how I wanted to make this dinner for my family. If I could get the recipe from Roger, I'd even make it tonight. It was so good I thought, "Even my son will love this."

Here's what I texted to Roger:

Text Messages Roger

Roger then invited my family over for some chicken parm and homemade pasta. While I am so grateful for the invite, I really wanted the stinking recipe! He's not alone, though. There are a lot of people who don't like to share their recipes for some reason.

I can honestly tell you that if I had people over to my house and they loved my cooking enough to ask me for the recipe, I would be so flattered! I would be thrilled to share the recipe with them. I love the idea of them using my recipe to serve guests and having the guests enjoying the food. "This is Michael Rock's recipe for apple pie." That would be amazing.

I tend to think that I'm in the minority with this, though. My gut is that most people would hesitate before sharing a recipe.

I asked one restaurant owner if they would have shared a recipe before they got into the restaurant business. She joked, "I might 'forget' to tell them one ingredient."

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