I thought I had discovered every fall recipe there is to offer, until I came across my new favorite fall treat over the weekend that I am sure you are going to go crazy for.

I got into the autumn spirit on Saturday, but it didn’t involve pumpkins. Personally, pumpkin doesn't do it for me when it comes to fall flavors. I will choose apple flavor over pumpkin flavor any day of the week.

So, to get into the spirit, I went to Pippin Orchard in Rhode Island for some apple picking. They have several different types of apples, with rows and rows of trees waiting to be picked, and they have the cutest store filled with mouthwatering baked goods. Apple trees and fresh pies are pretty standard at any orchard, but how many orchards offer apple cider slush?

I am kicking myself for not asking them for the recipe, so I will be forced to improvise when I attempt to recreate the slushy goodness, but I don’t think I ever want to drink apple cider the normal way ever again.

They pour their original apple cider into a machine that churns the cider over ice. It reminded me of the machines you see at 7-Eleven that are mixing up the assorted flavors for Slurpees.

The cider concoction is poured into a cup and it’s the perfect combination of cider and ice, making the traditional autumnal beverage into a modern-day frappe.

Let me remind you that Saturday was in the 80s, so I needed all the help I could get to really immerse myself in the fall spirit. Apple cider slush was such an awesome discovery and all it requires is cider, ice, and a blender. Come Friday night, I’ll be adding whiskey!

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