It's no secret that New England has the craziest weather around when the seasons begin to change. As summer has faded into fall, roadways become compromised with fallen leaves and slick surfaces, making it dangerous for vehicles and bikes to drive along.

According to a fact sheet that was put together by Teletrac Navman (in compliance to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) describing the "dangerous driving behavior during the fall," it's defined as the third most dangerous season to be on the roads. Each year a total of 8,290 fatalities in the entire country are caused by collisions due to daylight savings (a change of scenery as it becomes darker earlier), slippery leaves and even Halloween. With kids and trick-or-treaters everywhere, drivers must be on their game and drive slower to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

However, NHTSA reported that Massachusetts has been named the safest state of them all, even with all the leaf-peeping, autumn-obsessed, scarf-wearing tourists.

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It's a grim statistic, but it falls much lower than other states: fatality caused by vehicular crashes are 1.06 accidents per 100,000 Massachusetts residents. Again, this is still an unbelievably horrific bit of data, but in comparison to Mississippi, with 4.52 per 100,000, it's substantially lower. New York claimed the second-safest state and Rhode Island the third.

Other obstacles such as fog, deer crossing, and children returning to school call for busier roadways that should be driven with caution. To avoid any injuries to yourself or others, follow these simple safety tips complied by AARP. It just might be the difference between life or death.

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