It's not every day that you get a visit from a wandering chicken ready to play.

Kristen Marie Ambra was outside her home in Fairhaven with her 4-year-old over the toasty weekend here on the SouthCoast when a chicken stopped by their yard. She had no idea where the chicken came from or who it belonged to, but it sure seemed to have a blast cooling off in their Slip 'N Slide.

"My 4 year old was smitten with her," Ambra said. "She was splashing around and so gentle."

Courtesy of Kristen Marie Ambra
Courtesy of Kristen Marie Ambra

Ambra said she saw the chicken stick around until she had to head to work that night, but the wandering bird was nowhere to be found by the time Ambra got home.

"I wish I had somewhere to keep her for the night but I live in a little beach cottage with no garage or anything to store her safely," Ambra said. "Hopefully she found her way home or someone [saw] her and kept her safe."

Ambra shared a photo of her feathered visitor in the Hometown Fairhaven, MA Facebook group, hoping to find the chicken's owner. Unfortunately, no one came forward claiming the bird as their own, so we can only hope she made it back home safely.

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In the few months I've lived and worked on the SouthCoast, I've come to notice that friendly neighbors come together often to help each other out and return pets that may have lost their way.

Back in March, the owner of a sweet pup named Luna lost track of her when Luna chased some birds into the water at Silvershell Beach in Marion. Local harbormasters arrived on the scene to find Luna still chasing birds near Stewart's Island and brought her back to her owner.

Marion Harbormaster
Marion Harbormaster

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