Not all heroes wear capes; Some of them patrol the harbors right here on the SouthCoast. Thanks to a crew of local heroes, a furry family member is safe back at home with her owners after a scary incident in Marion.

Earlier this month, the Marion Police Department dispatched members of the harbormaster's office to assist animal control and Assistant Chief Officer Connor in finding a missing dog near Silvershell Beach. The dog, named Luna, was busy being a pup and had chased a few birds into the water when her owner lost track of her.

When officers arrived at the scene and saw birds near Stewart's Island, they figured Luna had followed the birds there, and sure enough, they spotted her still running after them. Officer Wilson landed the harbormaster's office's MH-2 on Stewart's Island and gave Luna a boat ride back to her owner.

Marion Harbormaster
Marion Harbormaster
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Luna is back at home and doing well, although we're sure she still wishes she was on a beach chasing birds right about now. Luna was sure to thank the officers who rescued her during her bird-chasing adventures, sending a yummy-looking pizza and a paw-written note over to the folks at the Marion Police Department.

Great work, everyone!

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