It's no secret that Maddie and I have a running feud going about which state is better.  While Maddie feels her home state of Rhode Island is better, I, needless to say, disagree.  Born and raised in Massachusetts, I tend to prefer just about everything about our state.

It looks, however, that Maddie has won a battle in our interstate war.

Rhode Island is Best in America

In a recent study from the canine experts at Showsight Magazine, Rhode Island was crowned the most dog-friendly state in America.  How did this happen?  Rhode Island was ranked the highest amongst 10 states for the top dog services, dog-friendly facilities, and dog-friendly activities.

In addition to dog-friendly facilities and dog-friendly activities, researchers also took into consideration laws against dog theft when producing a dog-friendly score for each U.S state.  Rhode Island is one of the 15 states that have laws against dog theft adding to its high score.

When looking for the best states for a summer vacation with your dog, Rhode Island was listed as one of the best with over 400 dog-friendly facilities per 1,000 square miles, 337 restaurants and 104 hotels.

Rhode Island has over 100 activities including 17 dog parks, nine dog beaches, and 37 hiking trails perfect for creating long-lasting memories with your dog.

Massachusetts Also Ranks Very High

Joining Rhode Island in the top ranking of dog-friendly states perfect for vacations is Massachusetts.  Coming in at #3 overall, the Bay State follows close behind Rhode Island and New Jersey as a great destination for a dog-friendly trip.

Massachusetts has nearly 2,000 dog-friendly facilities for travelers and a large variety of dog-friendly activities from 250 hiking trails, nearly 100 dog parks, and just over 60 dog beaches.

Where Not to Bring Your Dog

Further research showed that Alaska was crowned the least dog-friendly state due to its low number of dog services and dog-friendly activities.

With more than 1 out of 4 Rhode Islanders owning a dog, the state has become a gold mine for dogs to have a fun and healthy lifestyle with the endless facilities and activities that the state has to offer.

Miss Peaches

It's worth noting that one of American's most popular dogs, Miss Peaches, is doing a significant amount of vacationing in Massachusetts this summer.  She and her human, Dave Portnoy, have been shacking up on Nantucket.



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