We all have experienced a room full of people all on their cell phones. Well, the same is true for students, and I think it may not be helping them make friends.

There is a school in Iowa that is doing a no-phone zone during lunch, which I think is a fantastic idea. They took it one step further by also giving the kids seating assignments. No, not just any seating assignments; the teachers assign each student a color. The students will sit at that color table. This ensures that the students aren't just sitting with their friends

Personally, I think this is an awesome idea. Social skills are something we learn through interacting with other people and not just in a text message, hiding behind our phones.

Do you know of any schools in the SouthCoast that do something like this to make sure our young people are getting their faces out of their phones?

This got me thinking back to when I was in school. We would only sit near our friends at lunch. The "cool kids table" was totally a thing. With this fun new system, there is no such thing as the "cool table."

Do you think this game would be beneficial at your kids' school? More importantly, are your kids allowed to bring their cell phones out during school? Cell phones were barely a thing when I was in high school. I think I had a Nokia, for emergencies of course. To send one text was 25 cents.

What are your thoughts on this nifty way to get proper social interaction?

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