I'm not a Starbucks guy. I think I've been there about twice in my life. Yesterday, though, I was sent to pick up some coffees that were ordered online. They were already bought and paid for with the app. As I was picking them up I couldn't help but wonder what would stop someone from going in there and just grabbing a coffee and leaving. You don't show anything to anyone. You just grab and go. It's the honor system. I mean, let's face it, there aren't many businesses that employ the honor system in 2019, but here's Starbucks doing it.

Truth be told, Dunkin' pretty much does the same thing with their online and app ordering.

All I'm saying is that it must happen. There must occasionally be people who walk in, posing as another person, and grab a coffee and walk out.

Christine had a hard time picturing someone doing it.

"For that to go unnoticed? I don't know. It's risky," she said.

We got a caller that was the victim of a Starbucks identity theft. She went to Starbucks, waited about five or 10 minutes, and finally, the store realized that someone stole her "Bethany" coffee.

A listener named Nick called in to make the point that his barista knows him and exactly how he likes his coffee, so it would be tough for someone to pull that off on him; they'd know immediately that the imposter wasn't Nick.

It makes me wonder what level of enforcement the baristas really practice if they suspect that someone is trying to pull a fast one.

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