As Valentine's Day approaches, we were talking on the air this morning about what women really want from their Valentines.

Maddie admits it is hard to say because while some women (like her) love to get flowers on Valentine's Day, others (like my wife) hate the idea of overpaying for flowers just because it happens to be February 14.

"In a perfect world, I'd love to come home to a nice clean house, spaghetti on the stove, and pretty flowers," Maddie said.

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Gazelle was complaining that he's running out of ideas now that he's been wife his wife a few years. I laughed. He hasn't even been married for four months yet.

Wait until he's 25 years deep.

We decided as a show, though, that it would be fun to turn over our app to the audience and let them record special Valentine's Day messages for their significant others. It could be a message from a secret admirer, a brand new relationship, newlyweds, or a couple that's been together for decades.

Just record your message on the Fun 107 app.

It will come directly to the Michael and Maddie Studio.  Get creative, because on Valentine's Day morning we'll play them back on the air for all the world to hear.

We want to thank The Blend Westport for helping us put this idea together. If you are searching for something for your Valentine, The Blend might do the trick.  Sit back, relax, and soak your feet or grab a gift card for your Valentine at

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