Over the weekend, I got a few calls from friends that wanted to head out to Newport for dinner. I didn't answer. I think it's become a habit to just text everything.

Sometimes I even find myself hitting "Decline'" and texting immediately, "What's up?"

I feel like a horrible human being for doing this. Have I become conditioned to not pick up the phone and call anyone anymore?

I blame the non-stop telemarketing and scam calls I get. It's made me dread answering my phone.

Side note: how do these telemarketing or scam companies know where you are? I swear I was on vacation in Florida and I got a telemarketing call from a Florida number. Then I was in Providence and got a call from a 401 number.

It's tricky because I sometimes think it's someone calling me that I didn't store their number, and that's why I don't pick up my calls anymore.

My thinking is, if I don't have your number stored then I'm not answering. If it's important, leave a voicemail, or send an email or a text.

Which brings me back to my initial question: who leaves voicemails anymore. Do you? Or do you just text if they don't pick up?

It's tough to say what the proper etiquette is when it comes to this. I guess if you really want to get in touch with someone, you will use all the avenues.

How about you? Are you a voicemail person, or would you rather just send a text or hope the person calls you back?

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