A baby naming service is real and people are actually using it.

This sounds like the most terrible idea ever, but people are actually using a new baby naming service offered by two moms.

Future Perfect is the service's name and it literally charges you to "streamline the naming process."

I guess if you find picking out your own child's name to be too much, these ladies will help you.

And their expertise is apparently unique baby names.

Parents of boys named Eyan and Jude and girls named Reeve and Vaughn, they will help you too find that one-of-a-kind name.

They will even help you name your dog.

And people seem to be excited about this. Raving about the company on some sites even.

Honestly, I don't get it.

I've had two daughters and didn't feel like naming them was all that much of a struggle. Admittedly the second was more difficult than the first and we waited until she was actually born and got to see her sweet face before ultimately deciding - but we still did it ourselves.

Isn't that how it's supposed to be? Should we really let complete strangers choose what we call our kids and pay them for the privilege?

Future Perfect charges $350 for their naming service. That's crazy to me.

To each their own I guess, but the fact that a service like this actually seems necessary to people these days is super weird to me.

If picking a name is so hard you have to call in help, how hard will the actual parenting be for you?

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