All the feels, as told by Michael Cera .gifs. 

Shock: Mostly because you've spent too much brain power to figure out if TMZ was accurate or not. And then when Huffpost and other credible sources confirm...

SuspiciousBecause as much as we don't care who cheated on who or what happened, we sort of do care. So we need to know. And we have questions.

Interested-but-Pretending-Not-To-Be: Sure, you and your office mate have nonchalantly been rambling off what media sources are confirming the split, but you don't really care. Or do you? Act natural, everyone.

Slightly Nervous: Nothing says "lets think about our own personal relationships" like another couple (famous or not, cause they're just people too, right?) calling it quits.

Exhausted: You've now read 12 articles, had a water cooler convo and checked both party's Instagram and Twitter accounts. That's a lot of research for SOMEONE ELSE'S divorce. But it had to be done.