I am a pretty clean person. I like to put things back in their place, keep things in order and generally pick up after myself. But the level of clean I noticed from my neighbor this weekend made me look like a slob.

I don't know how I never saw this before or what made me notice it over the weekend, but as I sat in the kitchen enjoying some breakfast on Saturday I saw my neighbor cleaning his garage.

And not the normal putting lawn care tools back in their place kind of cleaning, I mean really cleaning his garage. The guy was out there with a swiffer getting all the dirt and dust off of his garage floor. And for whatever reason that blew my mind!

My family has teased me for years over how neat I like to keep my house and I can admit to some OCD tendencies when it comes to things having their "place", but I have never even thought of swiffering my garage, let alone doing it on a weekly basis (as I latered learned from my husband our neighbor does).

He's got a good reason and all, the man collects classic cars and has three of them in said garage, so keeping those neat and clean is the goal I'm sure. But it also made we wonder if you had ever noticed someone's crazy cleaning routine and wondered why?

So do you know anybody that takes their cleaning to a whole new level? What do they do that seems so strange?