It's hard to imagine Massachusetts without the Atlantic Ocean. But what if the Bay State also touched the Pacific? What started as a silly joke on Twitter has quickly turned into a nationwide conversation that's now taking over the world wide web.

Introducing... Megachusetts.

Twitter user @startunnels brought the idea to fruition last week, jokingly suggesting Americans take Western Massachusetts and expand its borders across the United States, creating one very long state.

Why they went with Megachusetts and not the even-punnier Massivechusetts, we'll never know, but regardless, the Internet exploded with questions and plenty of jokes to go around. One Twitter user, @kajong0007, fittingly called the hypothetical new state "the seatbelt of America." Buckle up!

The proposal for Megachusetts left some people wondering what would happen to the small slivers of states, like the bottom tip of Nevada, that would be cut off from the rest of their state by the newly-outlined Megachusetts. Would they still be part of their original states or would they branch out and create new mini states?

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Others pondered the social implications of stretching a state like Massachusetts from one coast to the other.

"I support this purely for the sake of Californians suddenly having Boston accents," Twitter user @Chess Robots wrote. "Let's make it happen."

Who says you have to stop at Megachusetts? Users even went so far as to expand the Oklahoma panhandle and the northern part of Texas to create a series of long, overlapping states. Now that is what chaos looks like.

It's official: We've spent too much time inside this last year, and we have way too much time on our hands. Thanks COVID!

Want to venture further down the Megachusetts rabbit hole? Just search #Megachusetts on Twitter or read through this whole Reddit thread on Megachusetts. You can thank me later.

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