Four Southcoast Change Recess Policies
New Bedford - MA
Four New Bedford elementary schools — DeValles, Congdon, Hathaway, and Jacobs will now work with Playworks, an organization that provides training for teachers and students.
The program is seen to have countless benefits and teach the kids kind and safe play habits...
Dartmouth Police Department ‘Pay-it-Forward Friday’
From the Dartmouth Police Department's Facebook post:
Since the world has kind of sucked the last couple of days, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to see if we could bring a little bit a joy back into it, by having one of our "PAY-IT-FO…
Taunton High Soon To Be Graduate Story (Year)Book Ending
Never take the little things for granted in life. To most people, seniors signing each others year books is a pretty common activity that just about everyone takes part in. But, one senior at Taunton High School was fairly dismayed to see all of her friends signing yearbooks after potenti…
FUN 107’s Random Act of Kindness [VIDEO]
Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and it's all about making someone else's day a little brighter. Since tomorrow's Powerball jackpot is 349 million and counting, we thought we'd give a few people a chance to hit big. Who wouldn't want free money...
East Bridgewater Boy Performs Small Act of Kindness
What's a boy to do when his classmate's sunglasses break in the middle of an outdoor concert? Collin McAdam handed over his own pair to an upset Andrew Conley. The Enterprise shared the touching story of a seven-year old's misfortune, and friend's small kindness...
Small Acts of Kindness on the Southcoast
Sometimes an ice cream cone is enough to brighten a bad day. The folks at Country Whip in Acushnet understand that. So when a gentleman was a little short on cash, they still served him. The next day, they posted a wonderful feel good story on their Facebook page:
"To the young man last night wh…

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