If your name is Kathleen, you definitely want to read this. It's all about the kindness of a single human being by the name of Kathleen that has affected so many.

As you know, in addition to being on the air at Fun 107, I'm also a flight attendant, and as you probably also know, many of us in aviation are getting furloughed because the Cares Act Payroll Protection has not been extended.

My final trip happened over the weekend. I was in good spirits as we were heading to LAX for a long layover and I just love California weather. A woman who I'd say is probably in her early seventies and her husband came on board, and they were just the cutest. They were so excited to be traveling again and going to meet their new grandchild.

They came on in such a good mood, it was contagious. We laughed and joked and they went to their seats. It was a six-hour flight and I dropped in to check on them a handful of times, always exchanging short pleasantries. I learned her name was Kathleen and her husband was Bob, a lovely couple that clearly was meant for each other.

Kathleen was the average 70-year-old; she wasn't a fast walker but certainly a fast talker and while she may have been wearing her mask the entire time, you could just tell she was smiling from ear to ear the whole flight.

Just before landing, she came up to use the restroom, the only time she ever got out of her seat, and smiled at me and handed me a clear plastic bag and whispered to me to please wait until I left the plane to read the note.

I wasn't sure what to think. I only knew that it couldn't be too horrible.

We landed and she was on her way, so excited and so thankful for how pleasant her flight was.

I immediately went to open the bag she gave me. What was inside took my breath away in more ways than one.

As I opened the letter, a $100 bill fell out. I was in shock; we aren't allowed to accept tips from customers, so at first, I thought I'd get in trouble. Then I read the letter, and it hit me. In just one flight, and a few very short interactions, this woman not only knew me but touched my heart in a way that very few ever have.

Here is the letter. I had to read it a few times to really get what she was trying to say.

Jackson Scott/Townsquare Media
Jackson Scott/Townsquare Media

The letter had me choked up for sure and I had to share with the rest of my flight crew, all of whom are not getting furloughed and wanted me to keep the $100.

I'm holding on to it. I believe in paying it forward. She is a woman after my own heart as I have come across a few just like her and I strive to be the same way when I am able.

In closing, while we joke and showcase all the so-called "Karens" in the world, it's my belief that we have way more "Kathleens" and we just aren't sharing their generosity enough. It's not even about the money, it's about her ability to be human and see the good in other humans instead of only seeing the bad.

Be like Kathleen.

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