Knowing how difficult it can be for some kids heading to school this year, Tom Brady wants all of his fans to do this.

As a mom of two boys who are in their teens and attending middle and high school, I know firsthand how nervous a kid can be approaching a new school year, especially when they are going into a brand new school.

Christine Fox/Townsquare Media

One thing my husband and I have always tried to teach our kids is compassion and kindness for others and especially those who are challenged. When they were really little, I would put my hands on my heart and look my boys in the eye and say, "You would never want to make someone feel sad, would you? That would hurt their heart." Well, they would have the biggest, most thoughtful eyes and wouldn't take them off of my eyes when I would do this with them. Anyhow, they are almost 13 and 16 now and they are both pretty decent kids, if I do say so myself.☺️

When I started seeing this meme on social media a couple of weeks ago leading up to "back to school" time, I instantly loved it. And then TB12 posted the same one on his Instagram story and got a ton of likes and comments:


If you come across this meme on social media in the next few weeks, take the time to stop and share to all of your friends and followers. It will surely make you feel good.