Another “Karen” strikes again, and this time, it’s closer to home than I would like.

An enraged woman from Warwick, Rhode Island chased down two gentlemen in a pickup truck and skidded into a parking lot to unleash a slew of hurtful comments.

What was she so mad about, you ask? She didn’t like their truck driving down her street.

The video that has since gone viral shows this woman screaming at these men. At first, the two men thought she was upset about them speeding down “her” road, but in fact, it was something far less sensible.

“I don’t care how fast you were going, stop driving past my house with that piece of s---!”

So, just to clarify, this woman was upset at these guys for constantly driving down her street in what she deems an ugly pickup truck. You can hear one of the gentlemen at one point say, “This is the quickest route to the marina,” which I assume is where they work. But this woman (called “Lisa” by a man out of the shot) didn’t want to hear it and accused these men of being poor and trashy little sh--s that don’t pay taxes, all in a matter of two minutes.

2020 has birthed a lot of “Karens”. As Michael Rock put it, “People are on their worst behavior this year.” However, this instance bothers me more than others because she resides in my town. This incident took place in Apponaug, a town in Warwick two miles from my house. Now that this video has gone viral and has been circulated by news outlets like TMZ, I am afraid of what people will begin to think of my town.

The town that I know does not reflect the malicious behavior of this woman. Kudos to the man behind the camera that points out, “We are in the middle of a pandemic and social injustice, and you’re worried about a pickup truck.” Say it louder for the people in the back, my friend! We have far bigger things to worry about than pickup trucks driving down the street, Lisa from Apponaug.

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