We've been hearing about a lot of negative news lately. Thankfully, the Dartmouth Police Department knows I like to highlight the "feel good stuff" in the community, so they tagged me in this post about Jaedyn Clark on Friday afternoon.

"Some great advice from my friend Jaedyn!"

Dartmouth Police Department
Dartmouth Police Department

Jaedyn's shirt, "A little kindness can change everything" sends a positive message during these tough times. Of course I thought that the story was worth mentioning, so I reached out to Jaedyn's mom, Tricia Clark. She confirmed that he is just a good kid with a big heart.

"Well, Jaedyn is a six-year-old going on 30!! He was disturbed by Thursday's shootings in the south end of New Bedford. We drove by it and he asked why can’t people just be nice?! So he wanted to wear his shirt. Hoping people will read it and just be kind to one another."

I hope for the same thing, Jaedyn!

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