The sunflowers are blooming and you can get lost inside a massive field of them at Simcock Farm in Swansea.

The beloved family farm officially opened one of their seasonal favorites this weekend, the Sunflower Maze, with new finds inside for the kids.

Much like a corn maze, you can walk into a field of huge blooms and try to find your way back out again. Only with a sunflower maze, when you look up the view is quite beautiful.

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Nancy Hall/Townsquare Media
Nancy Hall/Townsquare Media

Simcock Farm first posted on Friday that the flowers were finally ready, but Mother Nature wasn't quite on board. It actually took until Sunday for the farm to have a day dry enough to officially open for the season.

Now they tells guests who want to add the Sunflower Maze to their ice cream stop, check the Facebook page first.

Each day they'll update visitors on the hours the maze will be open and the condition of the sunflowers. Unlike a corn maze, the sunflower maze has a shorter time limit, so anyone interested in going better not wait too long.

Luckily Simcock Farm has plenty of fall fun planned for visitors too.

From the looks of their fields, plenty of pumpkins will be ready for picking in the weeks ahead and their corn maze should be coming too.

For now, you can bring the crew for a walk inside the towering sunflowers, some were easily 10-12 feet tall, as well as ice cream and visits with their many animal friends.

Simcock Farm via Facebook
Simcock Farm via Facebook

New this season for the kids, Simcock Farm has added a 'stamp search' to the maze. Six stamps are hidden inside the mazes and you've got to try and find them all before you find the exits. (Hint: make sure you wander into the dead ends)

The Sunflower Maze has two paths, one longer than the other, but it takes walking through them both to find all the stamps. Don't forget to climb the field's overlook as well, so you can get a great view of all the stunning sunflowers spread out across the farm.

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